Rich in nutrients; 10 litres of milk is 1 kg of Frico cheese

The lightest way to enjoy cheese

Staying in shape and choosing healthier options can be a challenge, 
thankfully Frico Edam Light offers a tastier solution at 12 per cent 
fat, that's half the fat of classic Edam.

Edam Light does not compromise on taste, though low in fat, its rich 
in flavour.

Healthy goodness

It takes ten litres of wholesome milk to create one kilogram of 
delicious Frico cheese, which means it has a high calcium content.  
Just two slices of Edam provide half your recommended daily allowance 
of calcium, vitamin A and D, essential for strong bones, skin and 

Low in fat and rich in nutrients, Edam Light is the perfect option for 
all the family.

Enjoying Edam Light

A very versatile cheese, Edam Light makes a delicious snack on its own 
or a perfect addition to a salad or sandwich. Its mild flavour means 
it is an ideal ingredient for many recipes. Grated, melted, grilled: 
Frico Edam Light is a tasty and healthy way to enjoy cheese.


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