Quality assurance

Frico is dedicated to producing top quality cheeses which is why it uses only the finest ingredients.


All Dutch cheese has to comply with strict rules regarding fat, moisture and salt content. Quality inspectors frequently assess Frico’s products and processes during the various production stages. In fact, Frico monitors its cheese throughout the entire cheese making process – from the cow to your plate.



The cheese mark


Every cheese has a unique cheese mark that indicates the type of cheese, the fat content, the country of origin, the production area and the serial number. The cheese mark also shows that the cheese complies with the requirements of the Dutch dairy legislation. With Frico cheese an assurance of premium quality and taste is always guaranteed.






Frico cheese has won many international accolades for its cheeses, which confirms its great taste and quality. In 2004, Frico Old Dutch Master was awarded a gold medal in its class as well as overall World Champion at the World Champion Cheese Contest in Wisconsin (USA).