Unique conditions make unique cheeses

Across the world more and more people are experiencing the genuine goodness of Frico cheese. To make unique cheeses of the highest quality, Frico cheeses are made with three things in mind throughout the cheese making process: origin, craftsmanship and natural goodness. These are inherent in Frico’s production of speciality cheese and form the basis of Frico’s belief in making the finest Dutch cheeses.



Frico’s products can be found in over 80 countries across the world and use pure milk from the Friesian cows that graze on the open, lush landscape characteristic of the region. Frico cheeses give you the authentic taste of pure nature reflecting the green, healthy environment of the Friesian landscape.





Frico is steeped in a rich heritage of more than 110 years, making the finest, natural, authentic Dutch cheeses. Frico cheeses are naturally ripened and crafted by experienced cheesemakers to produce highly nutritious, delicious cheeses that all the family can enjoy together. Traditional recipes are used to make Frico cheeses using today’s technology.



Natural goodness

Frico is proud of the fine quality and goodness of its cheeses which are loved worldwide. Frico works with skilled dairy farmers throughout Holland to ensure the milk used to make Frico cheese has all the natural goodness and authentic taste of nature at its best.