Cheese variants

Cheese variants

The varying textures and unique flavours of different cheeses are due to the origin of the milk used, the length of the ripening process, and the differing ingredients. Frico uses a number of different production methods, all of which produce the finest Dutch cheeses.


Naturally-ripened cheese


Most of the Frico cheeses are as semi-hard cheeses, which are naturally ripened. These are prepared using an age-old tradition. The cheeses are stored in specially designed warehouses so that they can ripen under strict quality regulations to ensure they have acquired their finest taste and specific character.


Hard cheeses are firm cheeses that have been aged for months and sometimes years to lose up to 70% of their moisture. Although mostly used for grating, in gratin dishes, sauces, or salad dressings, they are also delicious when nibbled with a few grapes or black olives. It is the quality of their sharp taste that defines hard cheeses. To achieve this, they are pressed, cooked and interior-ripened for a long period. The Frico Old Dutch Master is an example of such a hard cheese with a crumbly texture.


Processed cheese


Processed cheese is made by melting cheese and then allowing it to solidify. It can be made from a mixture of different types of cheeses and there are many varieties. Adding moisture to melted cheese turns it into cheese spread while smoking re-melted cheese produces smoked cheese. Frico processed cheese is made from 100% natural butter, is ideal for grating and is also used for industrial purposes.